Why Solar Richmond?

A very good question! Please let us explain...

Our Mission

Solar Richmond’s Mission is to enable people to effectively participate in the green economy and advocate for environmental justice through vocational training combined with professional and leadership¬†development.

We accomplish our mission by offering low income communities and communities of color training in both hard skills and soft skills, with referral services leading to employment with local contractors. Solar Richmond serves as a solar and green-jobs advocate, working to promote inclusive economic development in Richmond and the Bay Area.

Secure a Solar Richmond Graduate on Your Installation Today!

Solar Richmond gives rooftop owners and solar companies the opportunity to go solar in a socially responsible way that creates jobs for underemployed local residents.

Businesses, nonprofits, and homeowners can leverage their consumer power to support the green-collar jobs movement by working with solar companies that partner with Solar Richmond (SR) to create opportunities for SR graduates.

To find out more about the companies we work with and how you can create jobs for a SR graduate on your installation crew: Contact Jaleh Turner Р510-255-5235 or jaleh@SolarRichmond.org