Enhanced Workforce Development

Solar Richmond’s Enhanced Workforce Development Programs (EWD Programs) integrate elements of evidence-based educational, psychological and behavioral health frameworks in our innovative workforce development model. With the assistance of the Institute of Sustainable Economic Educational and Environmental Design, Solar Richmond has developed the SO-LAR curriculum.

Sustainable, Ÿexposing Oppression  –  Loving self/Loving others, ŸAction, ŸReflection.  

Solar Richmond’s unique program model takes a holistic approach to workforce development by exposing participants to stress reduction techniques [wellness], facilitated exploration of  how systemic oppression impacts their communities [social awareness], Loving self/Loving others [building community], Action [being an agent of positive change], and Reflection [taking stock of the past to make a better now].

Our SO-LAR Curriculum is combined with Roots of Success Environmental Literacy Curriculum. Roots of Success integrates environmental literacy with academic literacy and job readiness skills for audiences with limited skills and education by using an innovative interactive multi-disciplinary curriculum design and delivery system that actively engages students in the learning process.

Our wellness component adheres to SAMHSA’s Six Key Principles of a Trauma Informed Approach and are aligned with the perspective that links overcoming barriers to resilience. This approach shifts away from the view of “What’s wrong with this person?” to a more holistic view of “What happened to this person?” This becomes the foundation on which to begin a healing and recovery process.

EWD Programs seek to address the unique and specific needs of our client population by employing a culturally consistent integrative/holistic model drawing upon traditions that are well received by our community members. While Solar Richmond continues to offer solar installation training, our new expanded model exposes participants to the over 150 career paths in the environmental/green economy through the Roots of Success Environmental Leadership Curriculum.

 An important goal of the program is to encourage participants to continue their education either by gaining a college degree and/or developing a portfolio of stackable credentials.  An equally important goal is to provide continuing support for participants through our Community Solar Installation Training Club.  The club takes on a restorative circle format and will be a monthly opportunity for participants to build community, receive additional professional development, peer to peer support, mentoring, product training, and meet potential employers.

Our solar installation training component is lead by an  IREC Certified Master Trainer ™ for PV Installation Professional.

Personal & Professional Development Facilitators & Classes

Facilitator: Class
Frank Staggers, M.D. Self-Awareness/Stress Test/Mediation
Meditation/Relaxation Imagery Visualization
Kumari Fabio, MA S.O.-L.A.R.
Behavior Changes/Stress Management/Tapping /CBT
Personal Life Success Plan
 Building Self Confidence/Developing Inner Resources
Personal & Professional Development Facilitators & Classes [cont.]
Kumari Fabio Needs Assessment/Self-Imposed Limitations
Ebede Ndi, Ph.D. How to Communicate and Write Your Story
Self-management/Emotional Intelligence
Vernice Solimar, Ph.D.  Living for Life and Success
Cheryl Vaughn  Roots of Success/S.O.-L.A.R.
 Computer Basics/Resume Writing/Internet Job Search
 Martin Herzfeld Solar Installation and OSHA-10  Training
 IREC Certified Master Trainer ™ for PV Installation Professional