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Solar Richmond Programs and Services

With the application of a trauma-informed lens to the teaching and training of workplace skills, we focus on regulation of the nervous system as a core tool for success.  This is achieved by assessing and addressing the symptoms of the long-term effects of persistent trauma with integrative practices for regulating stress, holistic leadership development, and individual case management.

We have two workshop tracks, one for adults and another for older youth and young adults:

SOLAR Environmental Leadership (adults 25-45) and the Brighter Futures Project (older youth and young adults 17-24) are workforce development programs that blend holistic leadership and professional development into a system of training and education designed to help participants develop the skills they need to be successful.

Both tracks lead to our Community Solar Installation Training (CSIT) course provided in partnership with West Contra Costa Adult Education.

Community Solar Installation Training (CSIT)

Solar Richmond (SR) offers solar installation training to eligible local residents. Click here for more information.

Partnering with Solar Companies and Consumers to Create Jobs

Solar Richmond Staffing Services makes it easy for consumers and solar companies to secure well-trained laborers and installers on solar projects. With Solar Richmond, both solar companies and consumers can meet project needs confidently and efficiently while opening the door to solar and green careers for program graduates. Click here to secure a graduate.