Community Solar Installation Training

Solar Richmond Clifton Broussard trainee installing solar system in Richmond with Gro Solar Company.

Solar Richmond trainee Clifton Broussard  installing solar system in Richmond with Gro Solar Company.

Course Description:

Community Solar Installation Training (CSIT) covers the following aspects of solar jobs within the solar industry: entry level installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems and introduction to residential, commercial and utility scale use. Students will cover the areas of design, implementation and support of solar energy systems.

Major Units of Instruction: 

The major units of this course are (1) Design (2) Implementation (3) Support of solar energy systems.  One emphasis would be on neat workmanship installations in accordance, for example, NEC 110.12 and becoming a qualified person in accordance with Article 100 and NEC 690.4. Mini hands-on lab with tools of the trade.


The course provides entry level topics for the solar installation helper and the ability to help with solar site surveys and the sales process. The class will have an emphasis on good workmanship and industry standards in the solar industry.

Performance Objectives: 

The students will complete in class quizzes and a learning summary at the end of the course.


Students are recommended to bring a calculator.  Students must attend all of the classes and not miss more than (1) class.  The expectation is to attend 100% of classes.

Textbook and/or Other Instructional Materials:

Textbooks suggested are Photovoltaic Systems by James P. Dunlop and Solar Photovoltaic Systems by Mike Holt.


Days/Times for Course:

Acutal Class Dates to be Announced

Saturday mornings 8:30am – 12:00pm and two Saturday labs from 1pm-3pm depending on the weather. For example, for the mini-lab working and measurement of Voltage and Current of modules in the sunlight.

Student Minimum Attendance (hours) required for Certificate:

Students must attend 5 of the 6 Saturdays to receive a certificate.

As an OSHA-Authorized Construction Trainer, as an option depending on the number of students and other factors, an OSHA 10 certificate could be completed for another scheduled course.

Title of Certificate for this Course:

24 Hours of Entry Level Solar Installation Training